Latest Path of Exile Expansion Now Out on PC

Grinding Gear Games has announced that the latest Path of Exile expansion has launched for PC. Ultimatum brings the usual plethora of new content to the ARPG. It will be arriving for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players on April 21st.

The ancient civilization of the Vaal was built on sacrifice. They understood that in order to attain great power, great risks must be taken. On behalf of a Vaal entity known only as Chaos, the Trialmaster seeks to discover challengers who are willing to make immense sacrifices in the pursuit of power. As you survive each of his challenges, will you risk it all and accept his next Ultimatum?

Ultimatum features a boatload of new content including:

  • the Ultimatum challenge league
  • 8 new Skill and Support Gems
  • Vaal Skills improvements
  • a complete overhaul to league reward systems of the past
  • dozens of new items

One of the cool new features is the Trialmaster system that allows players to complete a challenge and either take home the reward on completion or risk it all by attempting to complete an even more challenging encounter for more valuable rewards. The system allows for endless encounters but all with the same risk: Finish to take home the ever-increasingly rare rewards or lose it all if you fail.

Check out the Path of Exile Ultimatum official site to see all of the new features and rewards. You can check out the full patch notes here.

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