Little Noah: Scion of Paradise – Available Now

Developer and publisher Cygames together with Grounding Inc. have released the indie action roguelike Little Noah: Scion of Paradise. The game is now available on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Note that on PC the title requires a controller, playing with keyboard and mouse is not supported.

In the game, you join genius alchemist Noah and her cat companion Zipper. Noah was journeying across the skies in her airship when she discovered mysterious floating ruins, however, before she could investigate, a cat leaped aboard. The new passenger accused the alchemist of being a tomb raider and conjured a storm that sent her vessel crashing down.

Now Noah is lead by her curiosity and the need for details to repair her ship. Explore dungeons that shift with each playthrough and sweep through foes along the way. Use recruitable allies and items that you’ve collect to defeat bosses. Collect mana to repair and upgrade facilities aboard your airship. These facilities will give you boosts to make your next adventure smoother. Each facility gives different boosts, so choose how you want to power up Noah.

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