Log Into the New World PTR to Take a Peek at Medleyfaire

New World Medleyfaire

Amazon Games has updated the New World public test realm to provide players with an opportunity to take a peek at the upcoming Medleyfaire event. Players who choose to participate in the PTR can assist the MMORPG’s development team with chasing down bugs and making feature improvements.

Amidst the tragedy and violence of Aeternum, a Medleyfaire Maestro has declared it’s time to party away your woes! Summer Villages have been erected in Brightwood, Everfall, Weaver’s Fen, and Monarch’s Bluffs. Raise your reputation with the Maestro through quests, catching fish like the famed Aeternum Sturgeon with Maudlinbugs, and more to net special holiday rewards. You can even frame your favorite catches for your home at new Mount-A-Catch stations found in every village! Come let loose and celebrate life on the island of Eternal Life!

During Medleyfaire, players will have a chance to try out the brand new rhythm-action trade skill coming to the game that literally turns the entire world into a stage. Players will be able to choose any of five different instruments to learn with an initial repertoire of 31 songs to collect and master. Up to five players can take part in a “band” playing Guitar, Mandolin, Upright Bass, Drums, or an Azoth Flute.

Players will have to travel around the game world to collect pages hidden throughout. Once assembled, these pages will unlock a song that can then be learned. Completing special Summer Medleyfaire quests will also earn players a special set of pages and starter instruments. Players will be able to craft better instruments using the Furnishing trade skill.

The best part is that playing music provides a number of buffs as trade skill XP increases:

    Decidedly Dexterous: Gathering Speed increases by 75% for 30-90 min.

  • Territorial Triumph: Territory Standing Bonus increases by 10%-30% for 30-90 min.
  • All Together Now: Group Character XP Sharing Bonus increases by 4%-15% for 30-90 min.
  • Song in your Step: Reduces Player Encumbrance by 200-1,000 for 30-90 min.
  • Fortune’s Favor: Gathering Yield increases by 3%-10% for 30-90 min.
  • Luck’s Labor: Gathering Luck increases by 2% – 5% for 30-90 min.

Other improvements coming in the July update include new expedition mutators, enhancements, tuning orb removal as well as loot rebalancing, mutator loot shift,, improvements to instanced wars, loot, perks, trade skills, perk rebalancing, and much more.

Check out the New World official site to learn more.

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