Magequit Apperates On PC and Console This October


Magequit, the magical multiplayer brawler, is has conjured up a release date. Bowlcut Studio’s competitive spell slinger leaves Early Access on 9 October 2019.

Hot on the heels of the news that we’re getting an electronic version of Quidditch, Magequit is about to bring wand dueling to PC and Xbox players. The premise of Magequit is perfectly simple. It takes the classic multiplayer arena brawler and adds a whole heap of magical attacks to this top-down experience. Up to ten players can go head to head as they fling spells, kill their enemies, and grow beards. The game already has 42 different spells that can be drafted in competition. Solo, local, and online matchmaking are already a feature of the game after a stint in Early Access

The full release of Magequit brings a whole slew of new features to players in October. The wealth of spells already available increase with Nature Spells. The ‘Nature’ spell tree embraces Mother Earth. Players who cast Frog of Life, for example, will watch as their tiny hopper grows into a mean green machine that heals you as it bounces across the map. You’ll even get to leech off other players, in the literal sense.

A new Spectator Mode also jins for launch, allowing witches and wizards to sit back and take in the carnage. Six new tracks from Fat Bard are also incoming if you want something new to listen to while spectating. All these features appear in addition to several hotfixes and a totally revamped UI.

Magequit is coming to PC and Xbox One in just over a week and you can find out more on the official website. If you’ve already got a wand in hand then the game is available over on the Steam Store. The Xbox One store opens pre-orders on 2 October.


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