Ninjala Beta Test Attacks Nintendo Switch In April

ninjala beta test

A bright bubblegum ninja battler is brining its action packed arena to Nintendo Switch for a Ninjala beta test on 28 April.

Developed by GungHo Online Entertainment, Ninjala is an outlandish new action brawler that fans of arena brawlers can look forward to trying out when it launches in May. The newest cartoon battler to hit Nintendo’s hybrid console will allow players to get a taste of the action over three distinct time periods at the end of the month.

Apr 28, 12:00-12:59
Apr 28, 20:00-20:59
Apr 29, 04:00-04:59
28 Apr, 20:00-20:59
29 Apr, 04:00-04:59
29 Apr, 12:00-12:59

Ninjala is an obviously over the top battler designed around a tournament held by the World ninja Association. Initially unveiled at E3 2018, this event allows any individual with the DNA of a ninja to perform some incredible feats of ninjitsu all using a revolutionary bubblegum. Players getting into combat can overcome their competition by knowing out their opponents using a series of melee weapons, blowing bubbles and carrying off some fancy parkour moves. Everything from sticky bombs to street signs looks to be viable vectors of attack for competitors. Suffice to say, this is easy to compare to the hit Splatoon series, just without the inky residue all over the arena afterwards.

Matches can accommodate up to eight players and the final winner is determined by an overall score. Designed clearly to appeal to adults and children, this seems to be on target for the family-friendly Nintendo Switch. If you want to get a feel for the world before it hits then you can check out the animated show that is running to support the game launch. Otherwise, anybody interesting in getting into the action can do so by keeping an eye on the Nintendo eShop and the official Ninjala website for the full details on the open beta when it lands.


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