Minecraft Dungeons Expanding with Creeping Winter

Minecraft Dungeons

The Minecraft Dungeons team has announced that a brand new expansion is coming to the game on September 8th. Called Creeping Winter, the expansion’s content will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 if players own the Hero Pass or it can be purchased separately. The launch of the game expansion will also include a free update for all players that includes two new features.

In Creeping Winter, players will set off to explore three brand new missions, find and wield new weapons, don new armor, and discover new artifacts. The ultimate goal is to take on the Wretched Wraith.

All players will also receive a free update that includes:

  • Camp Update: New villager merchants! Visit the blacksmith to upgrade your favorite items and meet the gift wrapper to send an armored present to your multiplayer teammates.
  • Daily Trials: A new challenge every day! Replay your favorite levels in a new way with random combinations of mobs to defeat and weapons to yield to win some very exclusive gear. Two Daily Trials will be available on the main map every day, as well as one for each DLC pack.

Check out the Minecraft Dungeons official site to learn more about Creeping Winter.

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