Nintendo Switch Shifts Over 10 Million Units In Europe

new nintendo switch version

The Nintendo Switch console has managed to sell more than 10 million units in Europe alone according to an announcement by Nintendo Europe.

Announced on the Nintendo Europe twitter feed, the Japanese gaming giant confirmed that they have managed to break a massive milestone for the console.

The post cites the Nintendo Switch Family and this includes Nintendo’s new Switch Lite platform. We suspect that it also includes the numbers for the new model Switch which has just hit the market with huge new battery life. There’s also no definitive breakdown of the split but e can assume that it is slanted towards the original model release. The first full size Nintendo Switch hit shelves in 2017 and has been a storming success. The careful curation of Nintendo’s game store has helped it grow into a haven for indie developers drowning in the traditional PC space while massive first party titles like Mario kart 8 are still selling strong. The release of the Nintendo Switch Lite has also definitely helped boost sales of a console that has seen some serious success for Nintendo. With competitors in the mobile gaming market generally focused on the microtransaction heavy titles or the deprecated Playstation Vita, the Switch has been a breath of fresh air on my own morning commute.

The 10 million figure stands against the total worldwide sales for the Nintendo Switch of over 35 million. This number is likely going to creep up when the firm releases its next set of financial results at the end of October, ensuring we haven’t seen the last of Mario and co quite yet. Now I’m just off to get a Nintendo Switch Lite because it’s just so cute.

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