Northgard Gets The Cross of Vidar Expansion

Prepare the longboats for a new battle as Northgard gets the new The Cross of Vidar expansion for this Viking adventure. .

Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, Northgard has pillaged plenty and raided a whole host of challenges. Soon, 3 million Nordic warriors have the option to head out on a new adventure with the latest expansion for this strategy. Publisher Shiro Games has unleashed a ream of additional content, a new campaign, new multiplayer faction and updated systems.

Anybody picking up the latest conquest will find a world ravaged by doubt and lost convictions. The clans’ faith in their mighty king has dwindled and the citizens of those lands need a new frontier. Heading out into a new realm, eager players are ready to survey fresh frontiers to escape the ravaging effects of Ragnarok. Along the way you’ll explore the Kingdom of Neustria and learn their ways. Players will learn from the locals, crush new enemy units, and strengthen their faith to entice new recruits and construct massive armed structures.

To get a glimpse of the new Northgard expansion, check out the trailer above. Northgard The Cross of Vidar campaign will be released in two segments, with the first 8 levels entitled available now for $14,99, and the final 2 levels entitled The Cross of Vidar: Epilogue, arriving January 19th. Check out more about Northgard on the official website now.

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