Northgard Received Major Free Update

Northgard Received Major Free Update

Popular Viking-themed RTS Northgard has received a major free update that introduced a new mechanic, Relics. Additionally, the update expanded the in-game crafting system, reworked the tool mechanics and updated the Forge building. The player now also has the possibility to upgrade civilian and military tools using the Forge and to build a Relic in this updated building. Other functionality, including the ability to queue multiple items, has also been added.

The Vikings of Northgard have rediscovered the long-forgotten art of building Relics, powerful artifacts which provide great powers to the clans which construct them. Each clan can choose between 5 common Relics and 1 clan-specific Relic, with only one active at a time. These unique clan Relics hold great power, allowing the Raven clan, for instance, to call on Mercenary Giants on devastating raids or for the Dragon clan to summon an undead Jotnar.

Check out the dedicated patch notes to learn more about the functionality of the Relics.

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