Paging Two Point Hospital to Consoles This 2019

Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital is about to wrap up with PC gamers and switch wards as it head’s to console in late 2019.

Vomiting bugs, exploding hemorrhoids, and gastric explosions. Back in 1997, Theme Hospital launched with the weirdest bugs and not the type that kills your game. This management sim was a definite departure from the all-conquering war games of the time. Rather than blow up your enemies, the oddball hospital sim was more concerned with keeping the lights on and the vomit out of ward H. It was utterly glorious with a satisfying little crude streak and a wonderfully swollen tongue in its cheek.

When Sega took us to their own Two Point Hospital, patients found themselves overcome with a sense of longing, excitement, and uncontrollable giggles. Now it looks like that sense of nostalgia is spreading from PC players to consoles. We’d tell gamers to stay indoors but this port of last year’s epidemic is about to infect Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Switch. Not only is Two Point Hospital coming to your front room, but it’s also going mobile on Nintendo’s premiere console.

This brand new iteration of Two Point will feature a set of controls and configurations rebuilt for console players, there should be no mouse cursors or click and drag here. The console release will also include the more recent PC improvements for Segas’s sim. That means character customization, new design additions, copy-paste for rooms and a couple of big expansions will be bundled in as the game goes live. The Bigfoot and Pebberley Island expansions will add new hospitals, infections, and challenges for players ready to save another city from disease.

We don’t have any more information around dates or pricing but gamers will get the Digital and physical copies on the same day when Two Point Hospital this consoles. For more information, you can consult the official Two Point Hosptial website now.

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