PlayStation 4 Finally Gets Gris

GRIS PlayStation 4

Gris, the gorgeous indie platformer from developer Nomada, is finally due to arrive on PlayStation 4 with some extra enhancements for players’ patience.

It feels like after the recent arrival of Gris on mobile platforms back earlier this year that we might never see this indie platformer on Sony’s own platform. However, Gris developer Roger Mendoza recently took part in an unexpected PlayStation Blog that revealed the release of Gris on PlayStation 4 and even delved into the detail surrounding the differences on the new addition.

Players diving into Gris will find that the PlayStation version includes a huge upgrade to the visual experience. The blog post highlights how the team at indie developer Nomada Studio went back to the drawing board and enhanced over 5000 unique assets for the eventual upgrade to 4K displays. While this means the PlayStation 4 version will look great, anybody hitting play on a PS4 Pro will really benefit from the visual upgrade to the original title. This is also coupled with some audio changes, allowing the newest version of the title to play it’s atmospheric soundtrack at a higher resolution, meaning high def home theatre systems, like the Cyrus One Cast that launched recently, will sound even more immersive.

Gris is an indie platforming experience that absolutely blew s away when Bill Murphy took a look at it on PC. Originality released in late 2018, it explores a range of questions as a young girl venture out in search of answers and tries to come to terms with a trauma. We wouldn’t want to spoil the narrative aspect of it but after scoring it 9.5/10, our own Bill Murphy called Gris “This is the most beautiful game I’ve ever played “

If you are interested in playing Gris on PlayStation 4 then check out the Playstation 4 announcement on the Playstation Blog now.


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