Fjord-Noir Mystery Draugen Comes To Consoles

Award-winning indie title Draugen is coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 and the mystery begins on 21 February.

Developed by Red Thread Games, this unique adventure blends the gorgeous open vistas of 1920 Norway with a dark noir thriller. After racking up “Game of the Year” and “Best Audio” awards at the Norwegian Spillprisen, this title is now opening the doors of a small Nordic town to console detectives.

Taking in the scenery through the eyes of an increasingly unreliable narrator, players follow Edward Charles Harden as he comes to Norway back in 1923 to find his missing sister. As you explore the horizons of rural Norway, a dark and unnerving set of secrets seem to lie beneath the calm surface of this coastal community. Along with his ward, Lissie, Edward must push further into this mystery and uncover the secrets that the villagers hide.

Featuring a realistic and dynamic dialogue system, Draugen allows players to interact with Lissie. This lively and enigmatic young woman has a mind of her own and increasingly looks to keep players on their toes. This is not the only dynamic element that this puzzle places in front of players. As things start to unravel and the narration becomes increasingly unsure, the scenic backdrop of Graavik shifts and the weather reflects the dark mental clouds that seem to creep in from all angles.

Draugen’s gorgeous visuals and enigmatic characters were well received when it hit PC, via steam, back in 2019, now players who are looking to overcome some mental demons can grab the game on the Microsoft and PlayStation Store on 21 February. To find out more about this title head over to the official Red Thread Games website or check out the trailer above and if you want to poke some real demons, head over to our latest Doom Eternal news instead.



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