Pokemon Back In McDonald’s Happy Meals. Forget A Healthy New Year.

Pokemon happy meal

It looks like UK gamers are done for if they think that the holiday left overs are the least of their worries. Pokemon Happy Meal toys are about to make a return to our fast-food vendors in January.

Spotted by Nintendolife and plastered across the walls of McD’s shops in the olde worlde, it seems that the two commercial giants are coming together for a follow up on their Septemeber line of gaming-themed Happy Meals. During September 2019, the fast-food giant bundled a range of Pokemon discs and Hello Kitty themed toys based toys and this time around it appears that this follow up is timed towards the massive success of the Sword and Shield games that have landed of late.

Eat Them All

Eight toys will arrive at the beginning of January 2nd and look like they will be available in weekly sets. Each item looks to be a circular plastic Pokeball with a playing disc and a trading card for a different pokemon. Obvious entries like Eevee and Pikachu suggest that this release is simply a rehash for fans that missed the last even. This isn’t the only time Nintendo has used its intellectual property to ply fries and carrot sticks in the jovial food boxset. Mario and friends are some of the other prominent features from the last twelve months too. The UK also played host to a pop-up Pokemon center in London that saw 4+ hour queues almost every day, so there is no wonder Nintendo are continuing to ply their merchandise here in the UK.

While we’re not going to be inclined to rush out and buy these, the temptation still exists and January is traditionally a time where many of us try to eat a little better. We do have to point out that fruit and vegetable alternatives are available I these cardboard treat boxes, but that’s all down to your 3am hangover, and who can say no to Pikachu after a late night session and a 24 hour fast food joint.

The pokemon range of happy Meals hits Mcdonalds in the UK this New Year with no indication that they will arrive in the US. Are you going to be nomming them all or will you just let these collectibles escape for a change?

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