UK Games Spending Has Nearly Hit Nearly $10 Billion

UK Games Spending Has Nearly Hit Nearly $10 Billion

We all knew the games industry was big but it seems that consumer UK games spending has hit nearly $10 billion this year! This staggering figure is part of a wider report just revealed by the UKIE, Th...

uk parliament loot boxes gambling

UK House Of Lords Views Loot Boxes As Gambling

The UK’s House of Lords has just published a new report that calls on the Government to reclassify in game loot boxes as gambling. While we’ve all had possibly more pressing matters on our minds...

games for carers

Games For Carers Gives Free Video games To NHS Workers

The Uk Games industry has just launched a new Games for Carers campaign to give free video games to NHS workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be difficult to escape the impact of the current co...

national videogame museum

UK National Videogame Museum Presses Save On Old Games

The UK’s National Videogame Museum has launched a campaign to press save and preserve the heritage of video games before it is ultimately lost. We might be involved in pushing news about the latest an...

CALL OF DUTY cod uk army esports

UK Army Esports Are A Thing Now

Uk Army esports are apparently getting a boost now as the UK Army might be set to give e-sports an official sport status. A review is currently underway within the UK military that might very well giv...

game closes stores

GAME Closes Stores Across The UK

GAME, the UK High Street’s premier video game storefront is about to slash its store count by over 40 stores across the country. For those of you from outside the UK, GAME Digital has been a mainstay ...

Pokemon happy meal

Pokemon Back In McDonald’s Happy Meals. Forget A Healthy New Year.

It looks like UK gamers are done for if they think that the holiday left overs are the least of their worries. Pokemon Happy Meal toys are about to make a return to our fast-food vendors in January. S...

sega bus mega drive mini

A Sega Bus Is Touring The UK

The Sega Bus has already revved up and started on a UK tour. If you are in one of three select Uk locations then there’s an opportunity to get hands-on with some retro Sega action this month. Just in ...

UK Charts Fire Emblem

UK Video Games Chart Heat Up With Fire Emblem

It’s an unexpected line up for the UK Video game charts this week as Nintendo pul something of a coup against the rest of the field. While things were looking decidedly good for Nintendo over the last...

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