Gamigo Financials Highlight a Trion Triumph

Gamigo Q3 Financials just hit and it looks like the publisher behind some recent relaunches has had an unchained success of late, but it is not all about Archeage.

While fans of Archeage have been at the forefront of publisher Gamigo’s mind of late, the buy to play re-releasee of this MMO isn’t the entire story for investors in the European company. Players of ex Trion titles still appear to be throwing in their lot and the result is a very healthy quarter for Gamigo. During a video presentation, Gamigo highlighted Rift, Trove, and Defiance among their most important titles. In fact, the group’s top ten Trion titles managed to draw in 50% of the total revenue that Gamigo saw this quarter. That number is up significantly on the same period last year. Financial numbers show a 41 percent jump up to 14.5 million Euros just in the third quarter before Archeage Unchained launched and we got our own teeth back into this hot property. While Rift managed 4% of the quarter’s total revenue, Trove hauled in a mammoth 15 % of the firm’s loot over this period.

A Drop in the Ocean

After Gamigo acquired Trion back in 2018, the scaling back of development and reduction in staffing caused serious concern among players. Let be clear here, while the cutbacks in Rift’s staffing has seen a consequential impact on the game’s prominence, the opposite is the case for Trove, where the conversion rate from free players into paying customers seems to keep revenues soaring.

The numbers aren’t everything, however. Gamigo has expressed a commitment to bringing back players to all of their Trion titles, some of which are a decade old. Veteran Rift players might lament the days of old but the relaunch of Arcehage doesn’t just show that Trion isn’t dead, it can still take pride of place in a different approach to publishing.

To watcht he Q3 presentation look up and head over to the Gamigo website to see the plethora of games on offer.


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  1. This is great insight into how Gamigo plan as a company but I feel strongly it would in their best interest to practice sharing this information (any information) in formats their customers might understand to “share” the experience with us – the takeover – the infiltration. So they can move past those two words I just shared (takeover, infiltration.)

    Gamigo lack the understanding of working with an organic customer base predominantly on this side of the globe which their most successful games currently are and its being felt in their communities – where we became use to interaction and transparency from all members in a team (not just CM’s.)

    With this in mind what stood out for me in this video is the 24 month payback focus.

    I can’t help but ask myself how valuable would this information have been if this was shared with their (then) new player bases exclusively from the CEO or managements mouth? No it wouldn’t stop every negative response over the past year BUT how much more reassuring would this have been to tell your customers a year ago instead of saying nothing until over a year later?

    Curious why Trove is a “licensed revenue” is that because of the publishing in China? I wonder how that title is doing since the Gamigo acquisition?

    Then with NA being the strongest growing market and the huge difference in revenue for PC this hammers home even more how important it is for Gamigo to improve their communication, forget everything they think they know and get past any barriers that maybe cultural to get on board with their player bases before bridges that are invaluable are burned forever.

    Just my 2 cents or maybe a dollar – K.

    • thats some awesome insight. Honesty I just found it really curious that Trove is doing such huge numbers but I guess its partly that ad the MMO model in something like defiance or Rift just requires so much time and staff to expand upon maybe? Short answer though, more talk to the community please Gamigo

      • I’m not surprised because of how much content there is for all ages plus they also have a battleground mode that any level can play and are published in Asia that’s why I am curious how it’s going over there since the acquisition.

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