Poop City is a Dog S**t Mobile Game

High-Score streaks hit different in Poop City

Sometimes you come across a game that simply makes you wonder why, From the utterly ridiculous Genital Jousting to the full tilt ridiculousness of Pigeon Simulator and gun totting squirells, there are some things that just need to be experienced. In that vein of very divergent titles, we have Poop City. A game developed by XOiris Games and avalable on Android now, it’s all about smearing dog poop around the city block.

Posing as a casual game where players take the leash of a digital dog, it encourages you to drop a doody or two on the street. As things unfold, passers-by step in the dog dirt, leaving skid marks behind them. The longer the trails of poop, the more points you earn. As if to thwart this masterpiece, you’ll need to stop street sweepers from cleaning up ahead of the unfortunate public.

“Some days, walking around town, the dog poo around would drive me insane. As I was thinking about how I could not constantly be annoyed by this nuisance, an idea came to me. Why not give the problem a positive connotation? What if there was something that made me smile every time I saw one of these little buggers? And indeed, after playing my own game for many hours (in the testing process), it totally happened! Now when I see a pile of dog poo, I think for a moment: That’s worth a thousand points :)”

Somehow, the title even seems to incorporate progression and challenges. As things carry on expect a variety of levels and bright backdrops to contend with. Cars drive through a 3D sandbox, threating to end your adventure, and other challenges await. there’s a level where you can shoot poo.

Despite the ridiculousness of the idea, it seems like good clean fun. The game is avalable now without Ads and will come to iOS soon. For now, I’ll add it to the WTF catalogue and find out even more on the Google Play Store.

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