PowerA Launch the MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller

PowerA has just launched the new MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller, but will it take your mobile gaming to a new destination?

After just launching the PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless, the team behind a whole cluster of gaming peripherals has unveiled the latest in their arsenal of gaming accessories, the MOGA XP5-X Plus. This new addition is designed to plug right into the heart of your mobile and cloud gaming experience, allowing players who are taking their gaming on the go to still have the control and precision of a top quality console controller. Whether you are connecting to Xbox Xbox Game Pass, streaming your latest purchase on Rainway, or hopping back into Fortnite, the PowerA takes plenty of design inspiration from the current generation of Xbox controllers while adding in a bunch of features that will suit the Android platform too.

The MOGA XP5-X Plus comes with an internal battery full of 3000mAh that isn’t just rechargeable but can also be used as a power bank for your Android device, just in case you need just a little longer to get to a save point. The premium game clip, designed to fit Android devices, should mean that there is no more propping your phone up against a chair while hoping that you can game hands free. The MOGA XP5-X Plus also adds on two mappable triggers on the underside of this mobile companion, meaning you will need to spend less time disconnecting to tap next on your mobile handset.

In addition to the mentioned mobile additions, the micro USB ports and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity make this controller fully compatible for PC play, so you can have one controller to rule them all. Coming in at $69.99, we would expect the MOGA XP5-X Plus to stack up pretty well against the standard Xbox controller and add in a few extras too. You can find out more about the MOGA XP5-X Plus over on the official PowerA website now.

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