RAGE 2 on the Horizon

Coinciding with the holiday of love, Zenimax has just delivered up a new ten-minute gameplay video of RAGE 2 which will entice your love for chaos and incite your inner RAGE. This new peek into the upcoming sequel to the much-beloved RAGE highlights the glory of open-world mayhem players will enjoy at the game’s release later this year. RAGE 2 combines the Powerhouse talents of both Avalanche Studios and id Software to create what appears to be a fittingly awesome sequel to the lawless, dystopian world introduced in the first RAGE.

RAGE 2  is a product of Avalanche Studios’ massive open world engines and id Software’s dynamic first-person combat to bring you maximum freedom and extreme combat dynamics and will be released on 5/14/2019 for PC/PS4/ and XBOX One. For more information visit the official site and start preparing for a world of pandemonium.

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