Pride Run Is Coming Out Tomorrow

Pride Run is about to set your weekend alight with awesome an awesome samba, rainbow flags, and the chance to decimate ignorance with awesome timing when it launches on PC tomorrow.

Publisher Green Man Gaming and indie dev IV Productions are about to unleash a celebration of LGBTQ+ representation and rhythm that aims to get everybody dancing to the same beat. This top-down dance-off kicks off Pride marches for another season and challenges players to keep to the beat as you parade through many of the world’s most iconic cities. The game’s vanilla mode is accompanied by a disco beat from maestro ‘Hard Ton’ and is intended to be a fun title for rhythm game fans. When things kick things up to hard mode, however, the game throws in an RTS twist.

Much like Metronomicon, Pride Run allows you to customize your party. Pick and choose how your parade loadout works and you’ll get to utilize some special abilities to amplify your message of love and inclusivity. There are always barriers to diversity and Pride Run has plenty of these. We’ve already seen some Trump-bashing and Putin pushovers in the previews of this title. It’s up to you to organize your leaders to shield the parade, all while keeping to the beat. Players picking the hard mode will also find a range of bosses that include iconic figures from some less than open avenues. Both game modes can be played as a single player or local co-op, as well as featuring 3 difficulty modes (Virgin, Vicious & Queen). You will find unique events and characters that reflect every city of the parade.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, and yes there is a frickin unicorn. Developers IV Productions talked quite openly to about the resistance they found from certain groups and even the media. It’s worth a read if you are waiting on the game coming out. In the meantime, you can get the flags back out and set the RGB to a pulsing rainbow because Pride Run hits PC via Steam and Green Man Gaming tomorrow for PC.

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