Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Trailer Jabs at Gameplay

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Trailer Jabs at Gameplay

Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild have announced that a new trailer has arrived for Punch Club 2: Fast Forward. The video shines the spotlight on gameplay from the upcoming game that builds on the success of its predecessor. Developers also provide some commentary about how they have improved the overall experience since the first game’s release.

Players who prefer to experience things firsthand will be thrilled to hear that a special PC2 demo will be released on Steam during Sports Fest. This special event will run from May 15th to May 22nd. The demo version will be available throughout.

Features include

  • Become a Champion Fighter – Punch, kick and cheat your way through if you want. Becoming the best damn fighter ain’t easy; it takes time, dedication, dollars, and training! Increase your stats and techniques, plan your matches, and create your own incredibly awesome school of fighting!
  • Access to Neuro-training: Don’t have time to train? No problem! Take advantage of neuro-training, a quick but costly way to train. Just be careful not to overdo it, there are consequences!
  • Jobs – In order to make it in this city, you have to get a job to make money. Odd jobs will do until you gain some Good Person Points, which will let you choose whether you would like to serve society as a police officer or teach a generation of children self-defense.
  • Manage… Everything – Oversee everything from precious hours in the day to finances whilst climbing to the top of the fighting leagues, solving crimes, working for the police, mob, mafia, and just about anyone else you cross paths with. Perfect your strategy to become the best damn fighter this city has ever seen!
  • Story-Rich Narrative – Fully developed NPCs with interesting personalities and stories accompany a variety of branching story paths to explore. The stakes of moral choices impact story outcomes!
  • Cyberpunk Aesthetic – The alluring pixel art style with a vibrant neon futuristic color palette and captivating visuals showcase a fresh perspective of a cyberpunk future.

Check out the Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Steam page for more details.

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