Reforestation: Reloaded As Gamigo Get In The Christmas Trees

It’s time to go green this festive season. Gamigo Games has just announced a re run of events to support Eden Reforestation Projects.

Gamigo Games, the parent group behind titles like Archeage, Altas Rogues, and Trove is set to re run a range of in game events that will partner with the Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees around the world. After the success of Gamigo and Eden Reforestation Projects earlier this year, over 113,100 trees were planted by locals, totalling over 1,000 days of employment for individuals and families in need.

This festive season, Gamigo Group games will be able to grab a special charity package across several games, allowing the Eden project to continue to plant trees. Of course, being gamers there’s some competition involved. Gamers getting involved in the new Reforestation: Reloaded events can check in on the progress of the community, and individual games, across a massive leaderboard.

Gamigo is set to unlock in game rewards for donations. For example, gamers dropping 3250 credits in Trove will get the following


  •  1x Celesta ally
  • 1x Flying Drakish Dekar mount
  • 1x Crocolyte costume
  • 1x Steve Skillet costumes
  • 1x Captain’s Cavalier hat
  • 20 trees irl


The biggest contributions will even earn a chance to win a bunch of cool prizes as they snake their way up the leaderboard. For every tree planted players receive a raffle entry and increase their chances of becoming a winner. The Reforestation: Reloaded project includes prizes of a gaming notebook, keyboards, headset, and other Gigabyte branded accessories. While giving is its own reward, a gaming notebook is pretty sweet too.

You can find out more about the Reforestation: Reloaded event over at the official website now and check out the leaderboard where it seems Xbox Trove players are just busy burning a different type of green. You can also check out the various games participating over on the official Gamigo Group website now.

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