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Rend – Check Out The Game’s Bestiary

Rend Bestiary

Thanks to the screenshots from players posted on the official site of the game, we can take a closer look at Bestiary of Rend. The list of the animals will be updated as new life-forms are encountered by players. So far you can take a look at such creatures as Cave Bears, Boars, Elks, Mammoths, Raptors and much more.

Take to the Rend forums and check the screenshots for yourself!

What is Rend?

Rend is a faction-based PvP-oriented Survival project by Frostkeep Studios. Players can expect to engage in epic combat, explore mysterious as well as dangerous world, fight for resources and more. Players can choose from three factions as well as take advantage of primary and secondary classes to play the way they enjoy.

You and your allies will venture forth to explore and collect resource from the world and its dangerous inhabitants. Upgrade your faction’s technology in many different directions as you go, giving you the ability to craft more and more powerful weapons and armor. Uncover the secrets of the spirit world to bind vanquished creatures to you as mountable companions, and unlock powerful magics to bolster your abilities.

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