Rune: Ragnarok Is Not A Direct Sequel To The Original Rune

Human Head Studios have recently announced a sandbox, open-world RPG Rune: Ragnarok set during the end of times in Norse Mythology. While the reveal trailer of the game promised a lot, it did not reveal much.  Project Director Chris Rhinehart met with WCCFTech and shared some more details of the upcoming project.

Here are some interesting bits from the Rune: Ragnarok interview you can find following the link above:
  • The developers do not consider Rune: Ragnarok a direct sequel of the original Rune as it doesn’t continue its story. The events of Ragnarok happen a long time after those of Rune and show the great war between humans, giants, beasts and even Gods. The world was supposed to be reborn anew, however, it was not.  However, the game is still inspired by the 2001’s Rune, and it will show in maps and characters.
  • The events of the game take place across realms merged by Ragnarok, mostly centered in Midgard.
  • The game uses Unreal Engine 4.
  • The developers read and listen to the community’s comments about how much love they hold for multiplayer of the original Rune.
  • The game will initially release for Microsoft Windows with developers having plans for Mac, Linux and consoles in the future.

The combat system will be brutal and will have gore, certainly. True to the original Rune, you can lop off your enemy’s arm and beat them to death with it. More information about the combat system and controls will be revealed at a later date!

You can find out more on the official site or by following the links above.

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