Sengoku Dynasty Arrives in Early Access on 10 August 2023

Sengoku Dynasty, the upcoming feudal survival sim with a Japanese twist will begin PC Early Access on 10 August.

Developers Superkami and publisher Toplitz have just announced a date to head back into an age of emperors and honor. Sengoku Dynasty is set to begin Early Access next month. Players who think they are ready to survive the harsh realities of Sengoku era Japan and build a vast empire won’t have long to wait.

Sengoku Dynasty is something of a spiritual successor to the recent Toplitz production, Medieval Dynasty. Taking a similar approach to their earlier adventure, this new title puts players into a fictional Japan ravaged by famine and war. What begins as a basic survival sim slowly morphs into a village builder and multi genre tactical title, where the aim is to craft and cultivate resources, in order to gain influence. While it might be enticing to jump int a bit of samurai swordplay, you won’t be dabbling in PvP here. Instead, you’re more likely to be found forging relationships and building shelters to expand your workforce and become a powerful lord without unsheathing a single word.

Superkami promise a unique vision of life in Japan. Using the power of unreal 5 and an array of visual references, the team hope to give players an insight into the early days of this island. With tons of upcoming features and a huge roadmap of ongoing development, players can expect plenty of updates to come. For now, Sengoku Dynasty will hit PC Early Access. Find out more on the official Steam Store page now.

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