Seven Knights 2 Set To Launch in One Week

Seven Knights 2, the upcoming mobile RPG from Netmarble, has a release date and it’s jumping into action in one week.

Due to go live across iOS and Android on 10 November, Seven Knights is the latest entry in the Seven Knights franchise, a hugely successful mobile gaming experience that initially hit mobiles back in 2015. Now fans of Rudy and his comrades can take on a whole new adventure, beginning in the land of terra and pushing back hordes of evil among the wilderness beyond.

While there’s plenty of familiar aspects to expect to the Seven Knights follow up, players will be able to experience plenty of new elements too. A new immersive story cutting between cinematic settings and a gorgeous open world will host plenty of action for anybody looking to joining this merry band of miscreants. This includes:

  • Collectible, Charismatic Heroes: Featuring all-new faces as well as those familiar from Seven Knights, 46 characters will be available to collect at launch.
  • Challenging Bosses: Players will engage in boss fights that test both their strategy and tactics. In this RPG with stunning visuals, players must make use of different hero compositions, formations, and pets, all the while controlling four heroes in real-time.

With a bewildering array of unique characters to collect and team together, the number of potential playstyles on offer for anybody out on a raid or simply trying to find a new field boss is immense. Fans of the first in the series can expect to see some old faces return, while there will be plenty of new characters available in this team based RPG. If you’re thinking of heading out in this brand new adventure then you still have time to pre register, and if you’re not sure then our hands on preview is just about to drop here at Gamesapce, containing our initial impressions. Find out more over on the official website now or take a look at the new teaser trailer for a glimpse of Seven Knights 2.

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