Nine Chronicles Opens Up Alpha Test To Player Control

Nine Chronicles, a very different type of RPG from developer Planetarium, threw open the floodgates to Alpha testers today and the developers aren’t in control anymore.

The Players Are In Charge Now

Created in partnership with Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab, Nine Chronicles is based in a huge free to play fantasy world where players are the key to the shape of this world. As adventurers step out into a path that will bring them face to face with adversity, there is plenty of loot to grind in this new world. Using their own blockchain system and integrating this with the Unity systems already on the shelf, Planetarium is building a complex set of economic systems where supply and demand really do drive the day to day needs of everyone in the game. No more useless gold sinks or developers fiddling with the marketplace. Instead, we can hope to see a set of self-policing algorithms that keep track of the game.

Kijun Seo, CEO of Planetarium – “It’s been about a year since we started developing the game and the underlying technology, and we’re very excited to reveal it now. Since Nine Chronicles will be released as an open-source project and owned by the player community, we hope to find many like-minded gamers who’ll support us on our journey ahead!”

Now the game has kicked off a free alpha, players will be able to expand their own empires across the world. A vast array of monsters, mines, and the opportunity to create your own adventure lie ahead, in the literal sense. The unassuming side-scrolling RPG that features in the Alpha trailer for Nine Chronicles is an entirely open-source endeavor. This means that if you have the wits, skill, and drive you can craft a challenge that is truly a match for your particular avatar.

Nine Chronicles is a hugely ambitious experiment to craft a decentralized, cross-platform title that might even outlive the company that creates it. Fight the power, take back control of your world, and check out the new trailer for Nine Chronicles. Then, head over to the official website, fill in the Alpha sign up for a first try, and find out more about the game.


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