Shadow Arena Gets A New Hero

Shadow Arena, the free to play arena battler from Pearl Abyss, is about to get a brand new hero on 2 July 2020.

From the start of July players taking the fight to their friends in Shadow Arena can find a new hero at their disposal, by the name of Lahn. The 12th hero to join the roster of playable characters in the Shadow Arena brings plenty of new ways to overcome the obstacles that players will find before them. Lahn is a martial artist who wields a deadly new weapon, the Crescent Pendulum. Rather than simply smash players with this object, Lahn can manipulate the position of an enemy by pulling or dragging them using the pendulum. players can combine this crowd control technique with devastating martial arts skills and a series of long-range attacks to make Lahn a formidable opponent.

In addition to the new Lahn hero, players in Shadow Arena is getting a range of new updates too. In order to get players into game without too much wait, players will find AI bots added into team mode, when the wait time drags on too long, so no more waiting for lobbies to fill up. In addition to this, Abyss Pearl has confirmed that Shadow Arena will now standardise the appearance of equipped weapons just to ensure that players find it a little harder to pinpoint the type of opponent that they are about to take on before engaging.

Shadow Arena is an online multiplayer arena brawler, launched into Early Access earlier in 2020. The game allows players to pick a hero and jump into an arena-style battle where they will take on a mix of different obstacles, all with the aim of overcoming other players and coming out as the last one standing. Unlike many other battel royale-style titles, Shadow Arena mixes the fantasy freeform combat that players of MMORPG Black Desert are used to with the easy access of games like Apex Legends or Amazon’s Crucible. You can check out the new hero and changes to Shadow Arena over on the official website before this new hero arrives in the Shadow Arena on 2 July.


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