Snakebyte Launches Head:Set 4 Pro and Head:Set X Pro Today

Snakeybyte has started launched the Head:Set 4 Pro and the Head:Set X Pro across NA and EU territories today, in a bid to bring best in class audio to console gamers without that best in class price tag.

You’ll probably want to lend me an ear and check out the details on these impressively inexpensive headphones as the specs are quite unusual for a budget headset. Announced earlier in 2019 and coming out of the same team that dropped a similarly specced Head:Set Pro, the Head:Set 4 Pro and Head:Set X Pro round off this Pro series. They bring the same audio quality to console gamers that the PC compatible Head:Set Pro did when we took a look at it earlier this year.

Both these audio additions come with a pair of 50mm Neodymium Audio Drivers to announce every explosion and every headset with decisive clarity. These are rimmed by a pair of deep padded ear cups constructed from memory foam. Not only are these intended to be comfortable, but the magnetic attachment should make it easy to clean and replace these cups.

These magnetic additions aren’t the only change from the recent PC focused Pro, the two new additions come with a rigid headband and a generous 2 meter 3.5mm jack connection. The overall look of the Hed:Set 4 Pro and Head:Set X Pro is a little more subdued than the flashy neon of their PC cousin. Each set comes with a subtle rimmed highlight, blue for the Playstation 4 device and Green to match Microsoft’s team green branding.

Head:Set X Pro

If these cans prove to be anything like their PC counterpart then the Head:Set 4 Pro and Head:Set X Pro are likely going to be a great balance of low cost, high performance, and surprisingly loud. This definitely seems to be the intention as Marc-Alexander Knipschild, Head of Marketing for Snakebyte commented:

“The audio category is fiercely competitive with many gaming headsets vying for attention. In order to disrupt the sector, we’ve focused on quality and value, two qualities at the top of every gamers’ list. We’re confident there isn’t a gaming headset available that offers comparable features and the rich audio delivered by the HEAD:SET PRO range and we think this will enable us to stand out at retail and build our market share in the audio category.”

With this in mind, these new cans could definitely be worth considering. If you interested in trading up without shelling out then you can find out more details on the Snakebyte range over at the official website or by simply keeping your ear to the ground. The Head:Set 4 Pro and Head:Set X Pro is available at major retailers now.

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