Solas 128 Unleashes Synth Wave Puzzler on PC and Switch

Developer Amicable Animal and Publisher Armor Games Studios are set to unleash a synthwave machine on us as they announce Solas 128, coming early 2021.

Revealed just last night, Solas 128 is a brand new mix of electronica music, rhythm-based movement, and a brain teaser all in one package. Part clockwork precision and part mainframe machinations, this upcoming puzzler is a top down challenge that plunges players into the heart of a moving maze of color. The pulsing apparatus at the heart of SOLAS 128 requires precision repairs and it’s yup to you to rotate and reposition mirrors. Connecting the pulsating light sources unlocks adjacent puzzles, while every single pulse of energy inside Solas 128 moves to the beat of a one-of-a-kind synthwave soundtrack.

Lights and Sounds

Brought to life by a one man indie electro band, Solas 128 provides over 150 individual puzzles to overcome across a seamless world, each of which includes a ton of different and intriguing new movement mechanics to keep players on their toes. Alongside the pounding beats and neon lights, Solas 128 also provides plenty of accessibility with uniquely shaped glyphs and customisable contrast settings for the colorblind or vision-impaired.

Tom Methven, the solo developer behind Amicable Animal said, “Bringing SOLAS 128 to Switch is an absolute dream come true, and I’m delighted that more people will get the chance to experience this neon-soaked world I’m so proud of, either at home or on the go.”

Solas 128 doesn’t have a confirmed date outside of Q1 20-21 quite yet but anybody interested in repairing this blisteringly bright mix of noise and color can check out the official announcement trailer above or head over to the official Steam Store Page for more details now.

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