Spellbreak Chapter 2: The Fracture Launches 5 v 5 and League Modes

Spellbreak Chapter 2: The Fracture is live now and the latest update to this magical battle royale has added some awesome new game modes.

Introduced with an animated launch trailer, Spellbreak Chapter 2 is now live for players across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC platforms. The free to play brawler has seen something of a surge in updates since it officially launched back in September 2020. Now, this elemental arena is full to the brim with a ton of new updates, including two new game modes.

Players grabbing a cloak and preparing their spells will now be able to drop into a new 5v5 game mode. Titled ‘Dominion’, this new playstyle pushes together a team of 5 players and challenges them to take control of three different zones on the map to rack up points and win a match. This new game is spread out across 4 different randomly chosen maps, but you won’t find any chests in play. During Dominion, players will need to defeat other players as well as NPC Vowguard to earn potions and scrolls. This same system charges your Boon Gem, with NPC merchants trading for upgrades, in a very different type of strategy from the free for all that comes with battle royale.


The introduction of a League system is the other major headline for this update and a seasonal ranking system that will allow players to climb that ladder. Across these new seasonal leagues, players can compete to show off their skill across a range of increasingly difficult leagues by racking up point for capturing and defending zones, exiling other players, dealing damage, and other useful actions. As competitors earn Accolades, they’ll be able to cross between the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Legendary leagues. Of course, there are epic titles and badges at the end of each season to make sure that nobody forgets who was the victor too.

The Fracture

With Chapter 2, there are plenty of other new additions too. Players pushing back the Vowguard will learn more about the cause of the Fracture as Spellbreak’s narrative unfolds, while we can expect plenty of new challenges, tweaks to game modes, and balance patches along the way. The list of updates is far too vast for us to cram in here, so head over to the official Spellbreak patch notes to check out all the changes before you jump magic up some action in Spellbreak, available for free on PC and console.

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