Spider-Man PS4 Finally Has A Release Date!

Spider-man PS4 Screenshot

It was a big hit when Spider-man PS4 was announced at E3 2016 and then Insomniac Games raised the enthusiasm bar at E3 2017 last year with a demo. Shortly after E3 2016 the game was up for pre-order on Amazon with the ominous release date of “December 2017”, which came and went, and then “December 2018”. Today Insomniac Games FINALLY announced that Spider-Man PS4 has a release date of September 7, 2018! Also announced was the box art, details of DLC content, and an idea of what’s in the game’s Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.

Both US and Canada will get a Digital Deluxe Edition that comes with the game, a pass for all the DLC, and a physical pin of Spider-Man from the box art.

The Collector’s Edition will show up in all regions and will come with everything from the Digital Deluxe Edition, plus a Steelbook case, mini art-book and a statue of Spidey that hasn’t been completely revealed just yet. All pre-orders of any edition come with three extra Spider-Man suits, two of which haven’t been revealed yet either. The only suit shown so far is the Spider-Punk suit. The pre-order bundle also comes with a Spider-Drone gadget, extra Skill Points to be spent on in-game upgrades, a PSN avatar, and a PS4 theme designed by comic book artist Adi Granov.

The post-launch DLC will come out as a three-part campaign called Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. Details are thin on this DLC but we know that each chapter will come “with new missions, new villains and characters, and additional suits for Spider-Man.”

Following is the eye candy for you to feast your eyes on:

Spider-man PS4 Box Art
(click on image to expand)
Spider-man PS$ Digital Deluxe
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Spider-man PS4 Collector's Edition
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And watch the official release date trailer below… it certainly got our Spider-sense Tingling!

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