Square Enix E3 Highlights

Welcome all to the Square Enix E3 Event!  If you missed the chance to watch along with us, don’t worry, check back periodically as we continue with all of the trailers from the Square Enix E3 press briefing!

The Square Enix Press Conference at E3 kicked off with a gorgeous rendering of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Yoshinori Kitase took the stage to unveil the new content with Neal Pabon.  They now merge real-time combat and tactical combat. Final Fantasy 7 uses an ATB bar that will charge as players fight, and once charged all the way, players can choose to cast spells, use abilities, and slow time.

At any time, players will be able to switch between party members in combat, and party members you aren’t controlling will still attack.During the Scorpion Sentinel battle, the boss had several stages, but the combat flow was very cinematic.

After the Scorpion Sentinel was defeated, Tetsuya Nomura took the stage. He unveiled a longer trailer version which can be seen below.

Final Fantasy 7’s remake will be available to play March 3rd 2020.

For those who have been following the episodic Life is Strange series, the trailer for Life is Strange 2 has dropped, and it looks just as good and heartfelt as the first.

Square Enix wasn’t fearful of releasing a lot of information on remastered games, and the first remastered trailer to hit was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition!  It’s headed to the Switch, PS4, iOS and Android this winter!


The next reveal surprised nobody as this game has made the rounds on console and was announced over a month ago that it was headed to PC. In fact, it’s available right now! Octopath Traveler!

The Last Remnant Remastered was a stunning surprise by announcing that, not only was a remastered version in the works but that it is actually available tonight. Check out the trailer below and head over to square enix’s store to pick it up on your preferred platform.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 was announced to much fanfare as the trailer depicted players who will use mallets and clubs to explore and become master builders. In addition to the adventure, building, and battling features, players will also be able to hop online and play with their friends in 4 person co-op.

On Nintendo Switch, Square Enix announced the impending release of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition.

Square Enix Collective has aided many indie companies in releasing games that are out of the ordinary. The next featured game they plan to release in 2020 is a top down racing game called Circuit Superstars. The trailer below depicts it as a fun and unique racing game.

Fans of deathmatch style war games now have another game to put on their radar with Battalion 19/44 Eastern Front.  In this online arena shooter, players will be able to play domination matches, captuire the flag matches, team deathmatches and the new wartide game mode.  Battalion 19/44 is available now on steam.

If you love the music of Final Fantasy, or any Square Enix title, Square Enix Music is now available to listen to your favorite songs on a whole host of different platforms. Check it out.

The next trailer is of a new Kingdom Hearts III DLC, Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind. Luckily you won’t have to wait long for this one, as it will release sometime this winter.

When the Final Fantasy 14 online director Naoki Yoshida takes the stage, you know to expect something good. Shadowbringers is the 3rd expansion pack releasing on July 2nd. for FFXIV. According to Yoshida, Shadowbringers will be like a brand new standalone title with 2 new jobs and two new races.

This wasn’t the world premiere trailer, but if you haven’t seen Dying Light 2’s trailer yet, you definitely should. As an action/horror game, it is shaping up to be one of the best looking ones in development currently.

Romancing Saga 3 and SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions were announced as a two-for-one special in the next trailer. For fans of the SaGa series, this is definitely a must buy.

If you’ve never played Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, or even heard of it, then there is no better place to learn about it than at the announcement of a new expansion. Final Fantasy Brave Excvius: War of the Visions is coming to a mobile platform near you.

From the much lauded People can fly studios, CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski shows the Outriders trailer, a game set to release in the Summer 2020. Sebastian claims that Outriders is the “most ambitious shooter to date”. Take a look at the trailer below and see for yourself.

Oninaki is a game that not a lot of people expected, but after the trailer, a lot of people are looking forward to. Become a watcher and sever the ties of the dead from the world of the living August 22, 2019.

Yes, there is yet one more remastered title to keep an eye on, but this one has a lot of fans swooning. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered will be ready for your attention sometime in 2019. Keep posted for a release date.

Lastly, in what appeared to be the major reveal of the evening, the Marvel’s Avengers trailer, developed by Crystal Dynamics was shown. It was followed up by Creative Director Shaun Escayg and Marvel Games VP Bill Roseman, as they spoke about what players can expect from the game. The premise behind Marvel’s Avengers is that the Avengers were outlawed after an accident caused massive destruction. Players will play as different members of the Avengers to complete an ever-expanding story.

Later, Head of Studio, Scot Amos, and Megan Marie, Head of Crystal Dynamics’ Social Media, popped in to talk about what players will expect from Marvel’s Avengers as an ongoing service. Avengers will have an online component allowing 4 person teams to join in on exciting battles together. They also revealed that there will be no pay to win mechanics or loot boxes, and that new heroes and levels will be added periodically for free. Early Beta will be available on PlayStation, with a May 15 2020 release date. Check out the trailers below.

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