StarCraft 2: Patch 4.0 Introduces Han & Horner Commander

First announced during BlizzCon 2017, the Mira Han and Matt Horner 2-in-1 Commander is ready to strike the battlefield in the Co-op Missions of StarCraft 2. Although their matrimony may have been somewhat accidental, their destructive capabilities are quite the opposite; both Matt and Mira wield a host of devastating implements, which you can unleash with skill and precision to ensure the destruction of your foes.

The two-in-one commander will provide players with an opportunity to experience two different playstyles within one character…more or less. Matt is all about precision and power: his units have strong stats and just like Nova’s can be called down anywhere. While Mira’s units are reckless and explosive and can be quickly built and reinforced in the middle of a heated fight.

Their top-bar powers are no different in reflecting their personalities: Matt Horner supplies a host of tactical firepower, while Mira Han deploys mines and space stations rigged to self-destruct. To optimize, you must take advantage of both styles to ensure that you are both utilizing both of their strengths, while covering each of their weaknesses.

You can find out more in a special blog post on the official site.

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