Steam Weekly High Five: Is this the New World we’ve been waiting for?


Work up an appetite this week as we travel the gaming galaxy via classic war battles, card games and dinosaurs as the world of virtual reality puts out a flying simulator with a hefty price tag that has me curious along with a New World that made me double take at my computer screen. It’s not the New World we’ve become aware of but a New World it is.


Mamma mia… Long awaited by fans around the world, the new installment of the cult series “Pizza Connection” returns to the PC with even more flavour and extra cheese. Make ’em a pizza they can’t refuse! Published by Assemble Entertainment.

Available On: Win/Mac/SteamOS/Linux  $29.99


Power War – The First Men is a First Person Multiplayer game. Published by Ferman Studio.

Available On: Win $16.99


A card game with RPG elements in a dark fantasy world, where demons and people live side by side. Balance between tactics and luck, moving from one fight to another with your character – assassin, paladin or demon. Developed by Wonderbox Games.

Available On: Win $6.99


New World: The Tupis is a 3D FPS adventure game about the South America colonization, during the 16th century, fight using only a bow, against enemies using powerful arquebuses and swords, save members of your tribe, and they will fight on your side. Developed by Novo Mundo

Available On: Win $6.99


Surf through a pulsating, underground world on platforms pulled from thin air in this challenging psychedelic action platformer that has you defying gravity to a pumping beat. Published by Square Enix.

Available On: Win $12.99




In ARK Park, engage in close encounters with primal species through a series of theme park attractions. Enter by yourself or with a group of adventurous friends, and witness dinosaurs roaming in the wild with your own eyes! Developed by Snail Games.

Available On: Win/Vive/Oculus  $39.99


A flight simulator for model airplanes, helicopters, and drones. Fly more than 140 vehicles at 50+ flying sites in a huge open world. Test your skills in the challenges, and fly with your friends in online multiplayer games. Developed by Knife Edge Software. Published by Hobbico.

Available On: Win/Vive/Oculus  $99.99


Travel to the shattered future of Apex Construct, where merciless robots prowl the world as a result of mankind’s reckless experiments. As these synthetic creatures seek to dominate their new hunting grounds, you must use both your wits and combat skills to survive. Developed by Fast Ravel Games.

Available On: Win/Vive/Oculus  $29.99

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  1. I was pretty excited bout GrimCastle, because I love card RPG’s and it was terrible, it was like the game should have released in Early Access, there was nothing to it for the price..

    • That’s a shame, I have been looking for a card game to be the card game to convince to play card games. if that makes any sense?

      • If your looking for something down that road maybe take a try at Shadowhand on Steam, kind of a nice blend of story and card/RPG

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