Tales of Crestoria Opens Pre-Registrations

Tales of Crestoria Opens Pre-Registrations

Tales of Crestoria is an RPG designed specifically for mobile devices, aimed both at the new players and the Tales series fans alike. In the game’s world, all citizens wear so-called “vision orbs” that allow them to be condemned by popular vote if they commit a crime. The Pre-Registrations on iOS and Android devices are now open.

The game follows the story of Kanata, the only son of a respected village leader who runs an orphanage. One night a tragedy befalls Misella, a girl on his care that Kanata started harboring feelings for, and in order to save her the boy commits a grave crime.  In her zeal to protect Kanata from the consequences, she ends up with blood on her own hands. Caught in the act by the vision orbs, the two are judged to be transgressors with enforces dispatched to punish them. As the two flee for their lives, they will make new unlikely acquaintances, face many dangers, and more.

Check out Tales of Crestoria trailer below!


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