Tales of Luminaria Introduces More Characters

Tales of Luminaria Introduces More Characters

Following the introduction of Leo Fourcade, Celia Arvier and Michelle Bouquet, Bandai Namco Entertainment shared more characters-related trailers for the upcoming mobile experience Tales of Luminaria. The game maintains the series’ core theme of “Encounters that change the world”, but has a whole new original story and characters. It can be enjoyed by both those who are familiar with the series and those who are not, through new challenges and new experiences mentioned in the show.

Tales of Luminaria will bring a new mobile game experience, with its ensemble drama type of system that plays out from 21 different perspectives showing their way of life and the bonds they share with their friends. These unique 21 protagonists, designed by Shun Saeki, grow as they clash with each other over their own “justice”. Every time you play through the stories of the various characters, you will learn more about the characters’ true intentions, and the world around them.

Tales of Luminaria – Maxime Hasselmans

“On the pride of the Hasselmans” is this young scion’s favorite phrase. He insists that Lucien is his rival, but he is the only one who thinks that. Sometimes stuck-up and sometimes cowardly, he’s often the butt of his underclassmen’s teasing. But when the chips are down, he’s got what it takes to do what must be done.

Tales of Luminaria – Yelsy

The princess of Amr Qhaghan. Lives together with Toto, a creature only she can see. Laid back in both her speech and attitude, Yelsy has the kind of cheerful personality that can make anyone feel like an equal.

Tales of Luminaria – Vanessa Morax

A member of Blaze whose strength is second only to Lucien’s. She struggles with decision-making and relies on others to make those decisions for her. Although she has a serious and formal demeanor, she is thrown into a panic when caught off guard.

Tales of Luminaria – Lucien Dufaure

The head of Blaze who possesses superior combat and leadership skills. He has a gentle and calm demeanor which, paired with a wisdom beyond his years, has brought him success in executing a wide range of tactics. He’s occasionally been seen clutching his chest as if in pain.

Tales of Luminaria – Lisette Regnier

In charge of Aedis Knight Academy’s special elite class, Blaze. When it comes to training the students, there’s no one stricter than her. Her martial skills are top class and, although she’s got the experience to back it up, she stays off the front lines for some reason.

Tales of Luminaria – Edouard Rouquier

A young wanderer traveling the world after a government takeover forced him to leave the Miasui Icedom. The experience has given him an aura of apathy, but his innate good nature has not changed and, despite his complaining, he tends to put great effort into helping others.

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