Talisman Brings Games Workshop’s Classic Board Game to PS4 & Vita


Nomad Games has announced that Talisman is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game brings Games Workshop’s RPG board game to these digital platforms.

What is Talisman?

The game offers a number of heroes to players as well as epic adventures through several additions. Players have an infinite number of ways to replay the game as no two play throughs are the same.

Players can:

  • visit the capital city
  • earn and trade gold for resources
  • fight through a variety of locations
  • battle through the Dungeon for treasure
  • want to avoid The Reaper
  • participate in online play
  • grab a spot on the leader boards

Unique to the digital version of Talisman, players can earn experience points by their actions within the game and unlock special Runestone cards as they level up. Runestone cards give the characters extra bonuses and can even be used in online games against other players.

Learn more on the official site.

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