Tap the Keg in the Brewpub Simulator Playtest

Brewpub Simulator

Movie Games and Star Drifters are inviting beer aficionados to come to try out Brewpub Simulator on November 30, 2022. The game is nearing its early access release, and the team is looking for feedback about the game’s systems and features. Players interested in trying it out can head to Steam to sign up for an opportunity to check out the demo.


The game puts players in the boots of a budding pub owner who’s not only invested in creating the perfect brew, but also is in charge of making the pub the very best it can be. Players will need to cater to customers by serving them the very best lagers, stouts, and IPAs in a gorgeous setting. Along the way, brewmasters will need to decorate the pub and expand it into becoming the best joint in town. According to devs, the game is a relaxing simulator that taps into creativity and passion for crafting.

Have you ever wanted to open a pub and serve handmade beers you crafted yourself? Now you do! Give new life to an old run-down brewery you inherited from your grandfather. Decorate it how you see fit, give the bar area a unique vibe, create your own recipes, optimise the brewing process and serve your beer to the customers.


    • Brew your dream beer! Discover new recipes, buy ingredients and unlock more advanced equipment
    • Unlock new furniture and decorations and customise your pub
    • Earn reputation, attract new customers and keep your returning patrons satisfied
    • Master each step of a realistic process of brewing craft beers
    • Play multiple minigames, including pouring beer, changing kegs, mixing ingredients, bottling beer, and more
    • Manage your business, hire employees and keep your pub fully stocked
    • Take on daily missions to earn more money and experience

Sign up for the playtest on the Brewpub Simulator Steam page.


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