TERA Skywatch: Aerial Island to take flight on October 15th


En Masse Entertainment has announced that the next big TERA update will launch on October 15th. Called “Skywatch: Aerial Island,” the content expansion brings a host of new features to explore including the new card collection system.

The upcoming patch is the final episode in a series of Skywatch updates that have introduced players to a completely new landmass called the Exodor Archipelago. Exploration leads to a number of ways to customize and enhance their characters. Players will encounter tons of new quests, BAMs, great fishing spots, and a solo dungeon questline.

Of particular note is the Card Collection System that helps players “empower their characters and customize their stats” in an effort to capture their particular playstyle. Players of level 11 and higher will begin with an introductory quest to introduce the system. Interestingly, cards collected by characters benefit all characters on a player’s account.

Card fragments can be obtained throughout all of the game’s activities including “completing dungeons, killing BAMs (Big-Ass Monsters), taking part in PvP, and more. Once 20 are collected, they can be combined to unlock a full card. “Each individual card will grant passive stat boosts for the character, with certain card combinations unlocking more powerful buffs”.

The upcoming patch will also bring the new 5-player dungeon called Akalath Quarantine. It lies deep in Verrak Fortress and is considered a challenging experience for a full party of players of level 69 with iLevel 458+.

Check out all of the details on the TERA official site.

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