Tera Goes 64-bit And Launches Charity Console Event

tera 64-bit

Tera, the action combat MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment, is receiving something of an upgrade on PC as the long-running MMO announces a 64-bit upgrade.

Live now, the latest update to Tera finally catches up with MMOs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 in allowing players to run their game client in 64-bit mode. While the team behind this fantasy action-adventure haven’t given a lot of detail behind the upgrade, we do know that it is likely to result in abetter all-round experience for PC based gamers, when looking to get the most of of the hardware they are using. The move to a 64-bit client is especially important on PC as almost every system running Tera today will use a 64-bit processor and operating system. Running a 32-bit client means your end hardware is simply having to do more work for the same result, and if upgraded on the server side then the result might even be the more dramatic. The best way to check the change, however, is to log in and see.

New Content

If you do log back into Tera to check out the new client then expect some new content today too. n celebration of the new upgrade, players can run a new weekend-only dungeon. This 20-person raid features the mysterious First Corps Commander, Maknakh, a powerful opponent that has new skills and surprises that should challenge even the most veteran of players. To kick off this raid, you and your party will need to head to the Commander’s Residence (located in the Exodor Archipelago) which will be open every weekend starting this Friday (15:00 UTC) and lasting until Sunday (14:59 UTC). Two additional dungeons are returning for this update. Rift’s Edge will appear, adjusted for 5 players, and a reworked of RK-9 Kennel (Hard).

Players on Console don’t miss out entirely either. If you’re playing Tera on console then limited-edition face-mask cosmetic items will be available for purchase as of today. Proceeds will go to Heart to Heart International to support their humanitarian efforts. The Grotto of Lost Souls update is also live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which includes shocks which will rock the Valkyon Federation to its core.

To check out the Grotto of Lost Souls dungeon, head over to the official website for more information, and check out all the new PC client specifications for Tera, right here.

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