The Council Episode 2: Hide and Seek Available With the Season Pass

The Council

Have you been playing Big Bad Wolfs highly coveted title The Council?  If not, you should, and if you start now and buy the season pass you can play Episode 1 and Episode 2 right now!  The Council is an episodic story based RPG set in England in 1793. You play secret society member Louis de Richet as he sleuths his way through high-profile historic guests on a search to find his missing mother. Big Bad Wolfs premiere title utilizes a social influence system that makes each encounter with a storied figure such as Napoleon Bona Parte or George Washington a battle of manipulation. Check out the trailer for Episode 2: Hide and Seek below.


As you play out the story you will learn each guests strengths and weaknesses and the ways to best exploit them.  Accumulate new skills along the way that will aid you in your mission, be it through diplomacy, scientific means or even dabble in occultism. The Council rewards players with alternate options and paths, giving you multiple reasons to replay the game to try a different strategy with different results.

The Council

The Season Pass will give you access to all 5 of the episodes with episode 1 and 2 available now and 3 more on the way. In Episode 2, Hide and Seek, Louis de Richet will have to deal with his decisions from episode 1, not to mention he must continue his personal investigation to find out what happened to his mother. With the addition of a new character, a Spanish Head of State, Louis will have much more to contend with than he bargained for. Hide and Seek releases today, May 17th on Xbox One and Playstation 4, and is also available on Steam. It’s important to note that Hide and Seek requires that players have first completed Episode 1: The Mad Ones before experiencing what episode 2 has to offer. Check out the GameSpace Council Episode 2 review here.

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