The Iron Oath – Arriving on Steam Early Access April 19

Curious Panda Games and Humble Games have revealed that turn-based tactical RPG The Iron Oath is making its way to Steam Early Access on April 19th.  Lead your band as they age, retire, and die. Build your outfit’s renown across decades in the ever-changing medieval fantasy realm of Caelum.

As the years progress, the world of Caelum evolves dynamically, opening up new storylines for you to discover and making each new playthrough unpredictable and unique. What fortunes await your company?

“We’ve poured years of work and passion into The Iron Oath, and while we’re both very happy with how the game has turned out, there is more work yet to be done before we can call it complete. Player feedback will play an important role in this next phase of development, which is why we’ve chosen to release into Early Access.”

The developers expect the game to remain in Early Access stage for 12 months. Throughout the EA phase, the team will be releasing updates both large and small to bring new content to the game in the form of: quests, events, combat environments, enemy types, playable classes, gear, and more.

The full version of the game will expand upon existing features, while introducing others such as the Company Council, Sea Travel, and a new region. The full release will also extend and bring a conclusion to the game’s main campaign.

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