The Legend of Zelda is rumored to be coming to Netflix

The Legend of Zelda

According to, Nintendo and Netflix are working collaboratively to bring The Legend of Zelda to the streaming giant. The series will be a live-action adaptation of the long-running game series. The series is said to currently be in its earliest stages of development and showrunners are looking for a writer.

While exciting to consider the series, it should be remembered that it may never see the light of day if a credible script is not produced or if either party decides to cancel. Also, keep in mind that neither Nintendo nor Netflix has publicly commented on the series so it remains unconfirmed as of this writing.

The Zelda franchise has been one of Nintendo’s most successful over the years since it first debuted in 1987. Nintendo has been protective of its IPs and has rarely allowed animated or live-action series or movies to be made. In Zelda’s case, Nintendo authorized an animated series in 1989 that only lasted a single season. In 1993, the company allowed Disney to make a movie based on Super Mario Bros. that was a spectacular failure.

The Zelda series features 20+ games and is considered one of Nintendo’s hottest properties. The latest game in the series, Breath of the Wild, has sold over 14M copies and has garnered high scores from professionals and players alike.

We’ll keep you posted as more about this is revealed.

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