The Masquerade of Liars Returns to Neverwinter

The Masquerade of Liars Returns to Neverwinter

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have taken to the official site of MMORPG Neverwinter Online to reveal that the Masquerade of Liars creeps back into the city on October 21st, giving every adventurer the chance to be someone or something they’re not!

To participate in the event, visit the Masquerade Master at the event dais in Protector’s Enclave where he’ll explain the daily quests and the rewards available this year. If you’re too busy tricking and treating, Bags of Masquerade Tokens are also available on the Zen Market.

What kind of rewards could you earn from the Masquerade of Liars Festival? Exchanging Masquerade Tokens with the Masquerade Vendor in Protector’s Enclave could earn you these spooky and terrifying rewards!

  • NEW – Mini Simon Vanity Pet
  • Empowered Illusionist’s Mask – Players will be able to exchange their fully upgraded Illusionist’s Mask along with Masquerade Tokens to obtain this powerful artifact! Item is obtained at Uncommon and can be upgraded to Mythic quality.
  • Splinters Companion – Enchanted by mysterious energies, this animated servant is always ready to clean up any situation.
  • Wandering Scarecrow –The Wandering Scarecrow returns with its terrifying gaze. It’ll send you running in a frightful craze!
  • Skeleton – Effective against other undead, giving meaning to know your enemy.
  • Fashion Masks – There are tons of masks to collect and outfit your character with!
  • Fashion Set – Conceal your identity with the Headgear, Tunic, and Leggings of the Masquerade.
  • Spooky Masquerade Feast – serve a ghoulish feast at your Guild’s Great Hall!
  • Masquerade Dye Pack – Dye your gear a bright orange and sinister black with the festive and spooky Masquerade Dye Pack.
  • Enchanted Broom Mount  – This unassuming cleaning tool is filled with dark energies that make it seem as if it had a mind of its own!

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