The Merging of Video Games and Casino Games

Video Games

The influx of video games has been overwhelming these past decades since the 80’s up to the present. Video games have been a favorite pastime of many people young and old alike. Video games have been part of the culture for many generations and have been enjoyed by everybody and vary to each age group depends on their level of interest.

Video games are a platform played on a computer and other devices using computer graphics for display. The types of conventional platforms include:

Arcade Games

Also referred to as a coin-op game, it is a coin-operated entertainment machine and it is typically installed in public areas such as malls and amusement arcades. Late 70’s until the dawn of the ’90s, many teenagers enjoyed playing in the arcade and even young adults as well.

Console Games

This is a form of video game usually played at home using a controller or a handheld device connected to the device.  The game itself consists of manipulatable images and sounds displayed on the television or any audio-video system device.

Personal Computer Games ( PC Games)

It is a video game played on a PC and is still being enjoyed by video game enthusiasts now. All games are sold through the internet and players download the games directly to their computer after they made a payment.

As time went by, video games evolved and kept on evolving, conquering the movies, comics, shows on Netflix, and online casinos slot machines. How is this possible?

The world of video games is flexible and adapts to the trend. The same with people. Teenagers or young kids in the 80’s who used to play arcade games and 90’s young people who were fond of the game console might have different interests now in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. Gone is the adrenaline rush that they’ve had whenever they play Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. Their line of interest might be a bit more laid back but still, have the thrill. Video game operators understand that thus they introduce it to online Slot machines. It seems nostalgic to see your once favorite character be part of your life once more.

Now, gambling in an online casino is fun and a lot of casino sites offer casino games that were once enjoyed by many players in a video arcade or maybe their favorite adrenaline-pumping Lara Croft movies. This gives a wonderful experience to the player that entices them to play online casinos and makes them realize that epic feeling when they were still into video games. At Allbonuscodes, get free spins at AllBonusCodes when you choose a game suitable to your taste. Everything is already here, you don’t need to search for more. Guaranteed updates in the online games offered. One of the best casino sites there is.

Online slot machines are not the typical ones that you find in land-based casinos which feature mainly fruits and candies. In the online casino, they have a variety of games, awesome graphics, and stupendous audios mostly powered by Microgaming, a popular online gaming software.

Listed below are online casino games inspired by notable video games:

Video Games 1

1.     Street Fighter

Who wouldn’t forget “Street Fighter?” A lot of successful business people, respectable CEO’s and top executives in big companies had their fair share of wonderful memory playing this awesome game. Considered as one of the most legendary arcade fighting games of all time, anyone and even the millennial yuppies can enjoy it.

2.     Tomb Raider

Two decades ago, Lara Croft became the household name because of her daring moves in every dangerous situation and became an epitome to young women. In those days, Tomb Raider was very famous and now can be played in online slots.

3.     Resident Evil

Perhaps one of the most thrilling action-horror-packed films is Resident Evil. It was a sure-fire in its own right that it was introduced in video games for the fans to continue killing the zombies while overcoming the obstacles such as the unforgettable lasers in the laser room. Now, we can enjoy it in a slot machine.

4.     Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first-person-shooter video game and its popularity inspired the movie makers the make it a movie. Said to be set in World War II, it was an adrenaline rush kind of game and can now be played in Slot machines to the delight of the fans.

5.     Zuma

One of the typical puzzle video games, Zuma might not be so popular but a lot of people play this game while waiting for a queue in a bank or waiting for a flight the reason why it has a large fanbase. Inca inspired, it has rich and colorful graphics which makes it more enticing in slots.

The evolution of the new video game with a dash of the magic of online casinos makes the world of entertainment more pleasurable to the players.

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