The Power and Joy of Online Video Games: Everything You Need to Know

The Power and Joy of Online Video Games: Everything You Need to Know

A game is a software or application that aims to entertain its users; games have also been around for a long time and are played a lot by children and adults. Like songs, many game genres are the same, from strategy games to brain-sharpening and relaxing games. There is great power and joy in online video games and we’ll spend some time looking at everything you need to know about them.

Why Video Games?

The benefits of playing games, besides being entertaining, can also sharpen the brain to think critically and solve problems quickly. Playing games also requires us to think about solving complicated tasks, such as puzzles, riddles in a mission, formulating strategies, and playing with a team.

Many games are designed to be easy to complex and don’t lag in making realistic games by keeping up with the times. Some games also have challenges, such as certain levels that encourage players to continue playing to complete existing challenges. This is fun and opens up players’ curiosity to try new things.

Video Game Genres

  1. Action Games: Action games are games that contain lots of action and action elements such as lots of shooting, fighting, hitting each other, and lots of reflex movement scenes
  2. Adventure Games: As the name suggests, adventure games require players to play games and explore various places, collecting items in them.
  3. Simulation Games: There are many simulation games to date, such as car driving simulations, office game simulations, and many more
  4. Strategy Games: Strategy games are games that require an active mindset to build something in the game, such as a fort for battle, building a base to protect territory.
  5. Racing Games: This game is included in the sports game where players become racers and play on a track or arena, usually every lap in the racing game

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Online Games

In today’s digital era, the joy and power of online games means they’re trendy among children, teenagers, and adults. Online games can be interpreted as interacting directly with others in real time. Online games also require a connection to play, allowing players to meet in the same match and interact through visuals and sound. In online games, each player usually has a particular character we can customize and control.

To play online games, players need a console, desktop PC, or laptop, which is sufficient to run games such as slot online, which are very easy to play. A stable connection is an important factor considering the large amount of cellular or WiFi data that must be transmitted over the Internet in the game.

Some online games that are popular today are:

  1. DOTA 2 is a multiplayer or action role-playing game. This game can be played with 2 teams, where there are 5 vs 5 people, and each team has its base in the bottom corner and the top corner. The mission for victory is to destroy the opponent’s ancient base. Each player can only use 1 specific hero and focus on collecting gold and increasing the level to buy certain items.
  2. PUBG is a battle royale genre game currently played on PC or mobile consoles; this game can be played in solo, duo, or squad mode. Players and squads are gathered on a certain island before entering the war map. Where each player or squad must be number 1 or be the last person to beat another squad to get WWCD or Winner winner chicken dinner, in this game, various exclusive items are also available, such as weapon skins, outfit skins, and many more to customize.

Video Games

Video games or video games involve a user interface, and the device usually also uses a stick or controller to play it. Video games are the same as online games, which have many genres. Video games were first shown in 1940 at a world exhibition, where a person named Edward U Condon succeeded in designing a computer that could play traditional games. Some video games that are still popular today are:

  1. Super Mario Bros: This game had a significant influence when it appeared on the Nintendo console, reaching sales of up to 40 million copies to date. The leading player will act as Mario, with the appearance of a man with a mustache and red clothes. The goal in this game is that Mario must explore the mushroom kingdom where he must destroy enemies and fight the king’s soldiers.
  2. Pacman: Who doesn’t know the game Pacman? Although it looks simple, it is very fun. This game, made by Namco, was first released in Japan in 1980 and is still popular in video games today. Players control a yellow character and eat yellow dots. At the same time, Pacman must avoid enemies in the form of ghosts so as not to lose the game.

So there you have it: A beginner’s guide to the power and joy of video games and at least a smattering of all you need to know to enjoy them.

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