The Waylanders Team Invites You to Pet the Dog

The Waylanders

The Waylanders is an upcoming RPG from Spain’s Gato Studio. The team will be on hand when the IGN Summer of Gaming Showcase goes live on June 8th. Devs are promising that a release date announcement will be made during its time on the stage.

To get fans excited about the game, developers also sent out an email to invite players to “pet the dog and the dragon and the dear and the…well…everything”. That’s right, the game will feature a robust pet companion system. Pets will run at their master’s side and “set out to slay monsters”. The caveat is, of course, that only the Rangers will have access to combat pets, though all players will be able to pet animals when that feature goes live after the initial launch of the game.

There are a dozen pets available for players to choose from, each with its own set of damage, distract, heal, and inflict status effects. These pets include:

  • Dog – A furry friend with a distracting bark and sharp bite
  • Wolf – A cunning pack hunter with a self-healing attacks and an invigorating howl
  • Wild Boar – A tough ally with sharp tusks and a devastating charge
  • Deer – A swift fighter with sharp hooves and a hard skull
  • Rabbit – A lightning-quick companion with some unexpected tricks
  • Bear – A fearsome guardian with savage jaws
  • Raven – A dark omen on wings with a razor beak
  • Jay – A colorful bird with sharp talons and a swooping assault
  • Panther – A lithe predator that favors pouncing and biting
  • Spider – A patient, terrifying huntress with a prickly web
  • Dragon – A legendary beast with powerful wings and explosive breath
  • Drake – A scaly-skinned carnivore with a lethal charge and deadly breath

“Magic inclined characters” will have summonable pets that will run with the party for a short time. A healer might, for instance, be able to call a spiritual guardian to assist for a limited time. Traste the goblin has access to wisps that appear every few seconds “as ammunition for certain abilities”.

Check out The Waylanders official site to learn more about the game and tune into the IGN Summer of Gaming Showcase on June 8th to find out when the game will be headed your way.


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