Them’s Fighting Herds Trotting Onto Consoles This Fall

Them’s Fighting Herds, the four legged friends who will beat the heck out of you is bringing a unique fighter onto Consoles This Fall.

Cute Cuthroat combat is coming to console platforms this fall, thanks fto an announcement by Modus Games. The publisher behind Soulstice and Cris Tales is set to bring Them’s Fighting Herds to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and Nintendo Switch later this year. After initially launching the bright brawler on PC, via Steam, in May 2020 this deceptively benign set of warriors is set to bring intense PvP combat, a deep and interesting set of combat mechanics, and a fully fleshed out roster of characters to new screens.

Designed by developer Mane6, Inc and brought to life by acclaimed cartoonist Lauren Faust, Them’s Fighting Herds takes plenty of inspiration from cute Saturday morning cartoon TV series. Much like MultiVersus or Nickelodeon’s’ All Star Brawl, this is a subversive take on a traditional game concept. Under all the pink ponies and loveable llamas, there’s a ferocity that would likely stand up at Evo. The 2D fighting game that uses a 4 button fighting system, allowing layers to unleash light, medium, heavy, or magical attacks. Each of the mainline characters comes with their own unique abilities and resource to manage, while more mature systems like Juggle decay and fully formed rollback netcode mean that Them’s Fighting Herds has all the aspects you’d expect from a hallmark fighting game.

While we don’t know the exact date for a Console release quite yet, we do know that whether its alone in story mode or in online multiplayer, this group of power quadrupeds is unlike any back alley street fighter we’ve played before. You can check out more about Them’s Fighting Herds on the official website now.

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