Tokyo Dark Remembrance Scaring Up Nintendo Switch In November

If you thought that November meant a release from the spookiest time of year then you were wrong. Horror adventure Tokyo Dark Remembrance is coming to Haunt Nintendo Switch on 7 November.

Keeping the horror vibe going after the end of October Tokyo Dark Remeberrence is a new version of the PC point and click mystery that we reviewed back in 2017. It follows Tokyo detective Ito Ayami as she chases down the truth behind her partner’s mysterious disappearance. Inspired by modern Japanese myths and urban legends, Tokyo Dark has a dark edge to it that pushes players to face the malevolent forces that creep around the edges of modern society, bringing a new twist on the traditional tales of Yokai.

As players probe around back alleys and question citizens, they will need to keep an eye on Ito’s mental state. Facing the trauma of her partner’s disappearance and the evil that seeps into our urban society is taxing. You will need to manage the game’s S.P.I.N. (Sanity, Professionalism, Investigation, Neurosis) system to ensure that things do not descend into psychosis. Attribute points need to be managed and actively unlock certain paths through the game. If you descend into a psychotic state then you will never uncover the truth.

Originally released by indie studio Cherrymochi and published by the Square Enix Collective on PC, the Tokyo Dark Remembrance has a whole new reason to return to Tokyo. Published by Unties, an arm of Sony, this port of Tokyo Dark expands the original tale and adds some impressive animated sequences. Players picking up a new copy of the game will appreciate the new ways the story can unfold and the new animation comes from Graphnica, the same animators that brought Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hellsing Ultimate and more to life.

If you’re intrigued then you can check out our PC review here or try the game out at EGX expo in London over the weekend. Tokyo Dark Remembrance is out 7 November via the Nintendo eShop and will set you back around $19.99 USD/€ 17.99.

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