Trials Of Fire Lighting Up PC In April

Trials Of Fire, a brand-new fantasy adventure from some ex-Rocksteady devs, is set to light up your PC when it arrives on 9 April.

Prepare to pick your battles and tackle adventure as Whatboy Games, lead by Rocksteady alumni Adam Doherty and Dax Ginn, bring Trials of Fire to PC next month. Available via the Steam storefront on 9 April, this new single player turn based title will plunge players into a fantasy world barely hanging on after a massive cataclysm, ripe for arduous and epic quests.

A New Hand

Unfolding across a vast and varied game world, this new narrative leans on an inventive twist to traditional deck building systems, You might recognize the tactical turn-based battles that unfold across this game’s familiar hex based maps, but these elements seamlessly intertwine themselves with party mechanics, positional planning, and deck building, so players best be aware of their surroundings before jumping into any impulsive decisions. While traversing this inhospitable landscape, you’ll choose your own path, taking on anything that stands in your way. It’s up to you to prepare as best you can, combining the best party members, equipment and cards to tackle any problematic situations. Of course, once combat breaks out you’ll have to decide when to play your hand, or hold back in case you need to deploy some serious firepower later on. With six different game modes and a series of customizable quests, there’s room for hours long edge of your seat gameplay, a quick combat run, or even a wave based survival mode.

Trials Of Fire is the culmination of some serious experience, development time, and a stint in Steam’s Early Access pages.

Following seven years at Rocksteady heading up Marketing and PR for the Batman: Arkham series, co-Founder and Studio Director, Dax Ginn says: “Throughout the almost two years of full-time development in Early Access on Steam we have been able to deliver on the complete content plan for Trials of Fire and also build a community around the game of insanely dedicated players and collaborators. Trials of Fire would not be the game that it is today without the incredible support we’ve received from gamers around the world. We’ll be forever grateful for their feedback and help in shaping and improving the game to where it is now at full launch.”

If you’re looking to try a different kind of adventure after Slay the Spire, then check out the trailer for the full release of Trials of Fire above, or head over to the Steam Store for more detail now.

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